Peer Learning(For Scrum)

Find like-minded people and learn together

Coming Q2, 2023 (This service is free)

Have you ever thought about why people learn Scrum?

Most likely because of these reasons:

  • Being a better Scrum Practitioner
  • Changing the career path
  • Applying for a better job opportunity

Now, how do they learn Scrum?

Again probably through one of these ways:

  • Self-study via books and articles
  • Watching recorded videos on Youtube, Udemy, etc.
  • Joining live trainer-led classes
  • Or a combination of them

But, what are the problems with those ways of learning Scrum?

  • First, they are mostly theoretical, but people do really want to learn from experience and Scrum usage in reality
  • Second, people usually don't have the required motivation to use their best when they self-study
  • And finally, they can't keep themselves focused and on track for a long period of time toward their learning goals

But there is already a phenomenal solution for the mentioned problems:

Peer Learning

You know, a huge amount of knowledge and experience lies in Scrum practitioners' minds but is not exposed to the world. So, we have decided to build a Peer Learning platform to release that imprisoned knowledge. On the Peer Learning platform, you can find like-minded people all over the world with the same learning objectives, create a group and learn together.

Key capabilities of the Peer Learning platform

    • Matchmaking process to find like-minded people all over the world

    • Creating your learning group by selected people

    • Using Scrum itself for your shared learning project

    • Various communication tools

    • Accountability sheet

    • Learning planning based on syllabuses

    • Task board for your learning tasks

  • Peer Learning

Let's join us earlier

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Coming Q2, 2023 (This service is free)