Scrum Peer Learning

Find groups of like-minded people with a shared learning goal, join them, and learn together

Milad Davari

It would be a group to learn Scrum facilitation skills together. If you have a good experience of facilitation and also want to hear how other professionals do facilitation, just join us.

What is a peer learning group?

A self-managing group of maximum 10 like-minded people

  • They have a shared learning goal
  • They want to learn from the experience of each other
  • There is NOT a trainer to learn from
  • They want to be together for several weeks or months
  • It is a FREE SERVICE for all learners
What is a peer learning group?

What is available in a learning group?

Everything needed for collaborative learning in a single place

  • Chat & video call
  • Learning backlog & taskboard
  • Learning materials management
  • Group meetings planner
What is available in a learning group?

I want to JOIN a learning group, but how?

  • Search for groups resonating with you
  • Request to join
  • Start decent learning with people of the same vibration
I want to JOIN a learning group, but how?

I want to KICK OFF a learning group, but how?

Public Group
With new people
  • Create a PUBLIC learning group
  • The group will be listed in the groups search page
  • Interested people will request to join
  • Accept their requests and start learning
Private Group
With known people
like my friends
  • Create a PRIVATE learning group
  • Invite your friends to the group with just one link
  • Start learning

However, I am still interested in learning through trainer-led classes


Currently, we just offer the courses


Currently, we just host the PSTs
(Professional Scrum Trainer)