Alexander Hardt
Location Germany
Language English, German
Name: Alexander Hardt
Country of residence: Germany
Professional (job) title: -
Current company: -
Conducted classes: 125
Language(s): English, German
Teaching start year: 2016
Tel: +49 151 188 49 398
Students: 1,000
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Earned certificates certificates:
Professional Scrum Master™ I Professional Scrum Master™ II Professional Scrum Master™ III Professional Scrum Product Owner™ I Professional Scrum Product Owner™ II Professional Scrum Product Owner™ III Professional Scrum Developer™ I Professional Agile Leadership™ I Professional Agile Leadership™ - Evidence-Based Management Scaled Professional Scrum™ Professional Scrum™ with Kanban
Alexander's Bio

Do you want to gain more knowledge about Scrum?

Is it your goal to improve your career opportunities by getting a certification? Or do you want to increase your capabilities by solidifying your understanding of applying the Scrum framework and complementary practices effectively?

Whether you are new to Scrum or already using it, my training deepen your knowledge. All courses are highly interactive, engaging, and enjoyable. By balancing knowledge transfer, case studies, and real-life examples, they close the gap between theory and practice. All classes inspire and motivate you to challenge your status-quo so that you can improve your daily outcomes significantly.

After each class, I offer an additional personal coaching hour for each student. You can get valuable assistance to apply what you learned in the course in your specific context, or you also could clarify topics from the class that got not clear to you. This offer also includes assessment support. Everyone eager to learn can pass the assessment associated with the training.

I am a Professional Scrum Trainer since 2016. My students describe me as a competent, structured, and inspiring teacher. They also give me high rates of my facilitation techniques. Below you can find a list and see what my students say in detail. I am committed to providing the best learning experience to all my students on their learning path.

Besides working as a trainer, I support executive directors to grip their business and make it robust by creating alignment on their organization's values and goals, improving the end-to-end value creation process, facilitating employee's commitment and ownership, and focusing on frequently delivering valuable solutions for real customer problems.

If you are interested in private (in-house) training, book your meeting appointment to create an optimized training experience for your concrete needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to me so that we can collaboratively improve our profession! #ScrumOn 🚀 courses
Professional Scrum Master ™ Professional Scrum Master ™ II Professional Scrum Product Owner ™ Professional Scrum Product Owner ™ – Advanced Professional Agile Leadership Essentials ™ Applying Professional Scrum ™ Professional Scrum ™ with Kanban Professional Scrum Master ™ and Product Owner Professional Agile Leadership ™ – Evidence-Based Management ™
Total rate: 5.0 (3 rates)
Overall rate:
Marta Gatti
Marta Gatti
Trainer performance: Material quality:
17 Aug 2021
Course: PSPO

During the class we were informed that the course was not meant to prepare us for the certification exam, but rather for the day to day job as PO. Unfortunately this is not what I expected, or i would've just read the material on and bought books instead of spending 1000 € for a course.

Overall rate:
Richard Standing
Richard Standing
Trainer performance: Material quality:
16 Aug 2021
Course: PSPO

A really good introduction into roles & responsibilities of being a Product Owner. Alex struck a nice balance between letting students discovering an answer for ourselves or just telling plain telling us what/how/why things needed to be done in a certain way.

Overall rate:
Lukas Maurer
Lukas Maurer
Trainer performance: Material quality:
06 Aug 2021
Course: PSPO

Good performance from the trainer. Material could be a little bit more specific to actual project cases (sometimes very generic), but overall still good). Used plattform for communication was sometimes hindering collaboration in group work.