Marvelous ability

Have you ever thought about what the role of your mind was with regard to the results that you have created in your life up to now?

Are you aware that as a human being you have the ability to convert thought energy into results in the physical world?

Moreover, did you know that you have the ability to choose thoughts to be processed? It is magnificent, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, not all people are aware of such a marvelous ability. So, the result is they think success is for specific people, or if they benefited from it unconsciously and be successful, they can’t transfer it to others or teach other people to repeat it.

It is as if you have an absolutely modern car with thousands of options and facilities but you just use a quite tiny portion of them.

Anyway, the first step in using our amazing mind is to be aware of how it works.

Scrum and Mind

Although this topic comes from the personal development domain, I realized that it is completely aligned with the concept of Scrum.

Based on the definition of the Scrum Guide, a Scrum Team is a cohesive unit of professionals working together toward a shared objective at a time.

As you see, they want to convert an idea (though energy) into a usable done increment (result in the physical world).

So, if all team members are aware of their mind working process, they will be really professional people contributing to achieving shared goals as a unified organ, Scrum Team.

To sum up, I decided to write a series of articles called “Professional Mind for Professional Scrum” helping people create an absolutely strong personal foundation that not only does personally help them to be successful but also be genuine professional team members.

The collection of such members, who are experts in using their minds, would be high-performing Scrum Teams that can do even things that nobody would think be possible.

In this writing, I first mention the titles of the concepts, and then we will expand them one by one in future writings.


The first concept is that all of us have an internal control mechanism called paradigm. It works like a thermostat.

Paradigm is a pile of habits and beliefs. It is created mostly by the environment that we grew up in.

Imagine a family working in the music domain, father is a music composer and mother is a great pianist, and …

It is quite probable that the children of this family get interested in being a musician because it is their daily environment of living.

Indeed, the environment creates a self-image in us. Our paradigm always tries to keep us aligned with it like a thermostat that is programmed to keep a room’s temperature to a certain degree.

Imagine if your self-image says you cannot be wealthy. Naturally, your paradigm tunes your behavior and actions to not be wealthy. It is an interesting mechanism, isn’t it?

However, the good news is that you can change both your self-image and paradigm to new ones helping you achieve things you really desire to be or have. By changing them consciously, you can experience a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.

However, we should put our energy into it to first learn how our mind works and then use constant repetition to plant a new self-image and serve it as a gardener to grow and be substituted by our old image.

In fact, this is a new lifestyle combined with constant study and repetition to be a true goal achiever serving the world to be a better place for living.

Our human being structure

Basically, we are not the physical body but spiritual being living in a body. A great figure of our structure is a stick person.

minds image

Let’s introduce our two parts, mind and body.

Our mind is divided into conscious and subconscious minds.

Conscious mind: it is our intellectual mind helping us to dream what we want and accept or reject thoughts. It needs input. Very regular inputs are collected with our five physical sensors of see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. However, they just provide physical inputs that are absolutely limited but we have other capabilities helping us serve our mind with awesome inputs called “Higher Faculties”.

Higher faculties are:

  1. Imagination
  2. Intuition
  3. Will
  4. Memory
  5. Reason
  6. Perception

These faculties are the main difference between animals and us. They have physical sensors like us, sometimes stronger than we do. I will elaborate on each higher faculty in future writings.

Subconscious mind: it is the place that our paradigm resides in. indeed, it is the mechanism that instructs our body to take actions which consequently creates our results.

The amazing attribute of the subconscious mind is that it can’t reject anything. It accepts whatever you deliver to it. It is like a garden that raises whatever you plant in either weeds or delicious fruits. It can just flourish things that you plant in by repetition. So, it is your call what you want to plant whether good or bad.

Body: it is our physical aspect, which is only an instrument to do the subconscious mind’s instructions. So, be aware it is just a really small part of our being. If we want to be a successful person, we should work on our internal part, our mind.


There is an amazing definition for it saying attitude is the combination of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that creates our results. The whole point of this series is to create a constructive attitude guiding us to be a goal achiever.

Thoughts come from our conscious mind.

Feelings come from our subconscious mind.

Behaviors come from our body with the shape of actions that we take.

If your attitude is in harmony with universal laws, you will be able to achieve whatever you desire. You may ask what universal laws are.

There are seven universal laws:

  1. The law of perpetual transmutation of energy
  2. The law of cause and effect
  3. The law of relativity
  4. The law of vibration
  5. The law of rhythm
  6. The law of gender
  7. The law of polarity

I will explain each of these seven laws in future writings.

Worthy Ideal

It is a magnificent concept that gives your life direction. It declares what you really want from your life. What effect do you want to put on the world during your life?

It is one or two sentences making your burning desire transparent to you. You admit that you are ready to trade your life by achieving it. For example, the Wright brothers made air travel possible and Alexander Graham Bell gave communication a new shape that removed distances.

Now, the most precise definition of success comes to life:

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

Being a professional in using your mind guides you perfectly toward your burning worthy ideal making your life meaningful.

Hope this writing gave you a good first shot of the magnificent capability of mind that all of us have.

Wait for upcoming writings to dive into each section of the Professional Mind.