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The High-Performance Scrum Team Characteristics

People often ask me how we can describe a high-performance Scrum team. Indeed there is no unique definition for it. So I have decided to share a typical high-performance Scrum team characteristics.

The High-Performance Scrum Team Characteristics

A high-performance Scrum team has the following characteristics:

  1. Team members have learned to deliver value to customers continuously.
  2. They live with high-level transparency.
  3. Team members muscle memories have formed greatly to perform based on inspection and adaptation.
  4. Team members do not compromise with any problems and issues.
  5. They offer help to their colleagues continuously because each team member supposes that he or she is the extreme owner of each task.
  6. They always try to improve development and delivery speed and quality simultaneously.
  7. Not only every team member improves themselves continuously but they help their colleagues to get improved.
  8. The team lives deeply with Scrum Values.
  9. Instead of living by the rules, they make the rules.
  10. The team can release the Increment with just one press of a button through an automated continuous delivery pipeline.
  11. Team members trust each other blindly and respect is in the DNA of each team member.
  12. Mistakes are mandatory and when they are made, they are celebrated.
  13. They help their customers become more successful.
  14. They adhere completely to Definition of Done in all features.
  15. Almost every Sprint, the team reaches the Sprint Goal and sometimes they exceed expectations.
  16. They use feedbacks effectively as a reliable source of learning.
  17. Team has strong courage to make decisions and act. Also, they have the courage to change their decisions if they understand that their previous decisions were wrong.
  18. Team members are highly knowledgeable, autonomous and self-organized and use the continuous improvement in all aspects of their processes and environment.

I have used Mr. Ron Eringa and Mr. Gunther Verheyen blog posts as following to create this article. Special thanks to them.

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