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Scrum School Introduction

In Scrum School, we help people to learn Scrum effectively and empower them to pass the exams with more confidence.

Scrum School

Scrum Definition

Scrum is a lightweight framework for developing and delivering complex products. It is the most famous and popular implementation of Agile mindset.
Although understanding it seems simple, being a master of it might need people’s lifetime.
Generally, when you read Scrum Guide for the first time, you see a pretty simple abstract guide and may wonder how it works. Indeed, knowing Scrum is different from using Scrum. It means, if you know Scrum, it does not mean you can use it effectively. However, being a master of Scrum needs to be good at both sides.
Using Scrum effectively needs to have good knowledge plus long experience in the field. Like a soccer player, you will not be a super player unless you practice hard for a long time in pitches.
Being a great Scrum player in the field needs a great understanding of Scrum. It can happen through high-quality training and empowerment materials.

Why Scrum School?

Based on this fundamental need, Scrum School has been founded. Its mission is empowering Scrum practitioners. We follow institute, which is the pioneer organization in sustaining and promoting Scrum all over the world. has great high-quality training courses and really well-designed exams, which help people to evaluate their Scrum knowledge. All people who pass those exams will receive the industry recognized certifications. exams

We believe those exams are comprehensive and can evaluate all aspects of one’s Scrum knowledge perfectly. However, does not introduce special and focused references and resources to people who want to get ready for the exams and actually leaves it to them.
To fill this gap, Scrum School is continuously creating and delivering empowerment materials to exams’ candidates. Our experience shows not only these materials are effective to get ready for exams, but they also help people to understand Scrum’s underneath fundamental concepts that can help them to make and boost their Agile and Scrum mindset.
This mindset can also help them to use Scrum effectively in the fields.

Final word

To sum up, our mission is this:
We help people to learn Scrum effectively and empower them to pass the exams with more confidence.
So, right now, join us for discovering Scrum beautiful world.
We are here:

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What is Scrum?